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50% Discount on RRS Education’s Research Reviews for ECU Members

The European Academy of Chiropractic is pleased to announce a new affiliation with RRS Education (formerly Research Review Service), a trusted source of continuing-education solutions for chiropractors, physiotherapists, osteopaths and other manual medicine providers around the world. Staying on top of emerging research and integrating this information into practice is a daunting task for busy practicing clinicians, who require understandable, convenient, unbiased analysis of contemporary research.  RRS Education is a continuing education company dedicated to enhancing and promoting patient-centered, profitable, sustainable, evidence-informed care.  It is the only company delivering clinically-relevant information in multiple formats to suit the needs of busy clinicians.  The weekly Research Reviews are written by clinicians, for clinicians, extracting important clinical pearls to enhance your practice and patient care.  Now, thanks to a subsidy from the European Chiropractors’ Union, EAC members can enjoy a 50% discount.

RRS Education offers three ways to catch up on current research:

  • Research Reviews: weekly reviews of important, interesting and clinically-relevant research, as well as access to over 680 Reviews in the database.
  • Online Courses: CEUs from the comfort of home or office.
  • Seminars: catch up with colleagues and enjoy relevant, evidence-informed content.


When you subscribe to RRS Education’s weekly Research Reviews you will enjoy:

  • WEEKLY REVIEWS of the most relevant, current scientific literature
  • Access to the GROWING DATABASE of reviews (now > 700 reviews), fully categorized and keyword searchable
  • MP3 AUDIO versions of new reviews (since the autumn of 2010) are available for download or streaming.  Subscribers can enjoy research on the go!
  • WEEKLY EMAIL ALERTS with information about new reviews and links to other helpful research content*
  • PROMPT, FRIENDLY CUSTOMER SERVICE – we are always just an email away.

* Individual users can choose to receive our weekly newsletter when they register their personal user account on the website.

Thanks to an agreement between the ECU and RRS Education, EAC members can now purchase 1-year professional (recurring) subscriptions for 50% off the regular price (you will pay only $89.50 CDN instead of the normal price of $179 CDN)!

To redeem this discount:

  • Contact the ECU affiliated national chiropractic association who will provide the offer key after conforming your membership.
  • Click on the link to
  • Click SUBSCRIBE NOW, select the “1-yr Recurring Payment $179” and follow the instructions
  • Enter your account information
  • Append the coupon code (case sensitive) at bottom of the registration page before checkout
  • Proceed to PayPal to complete the transaction



CPD Seminars
Treating Patients rather than Images
Seminar Goals:Distinguish between serious/significant spine MRI abnormalities and insignificant abnormalities.Clarify the relationship between specific spine MRI abnormalities and patient signs ...
Motion Palpation Institute - Nutrition
This 12 hour seminar will cover:Somatic and visceral pain patternsHomeostatic mechanisms run amokIntro to fatty acids and relationship to inflammationHow ...
Professional Confidence & Assertiveness
Being technically competent is not enough to ensure success as a Chiropractor. You also need to believe in your own ...
The Shoulder: Theory & Practice
This evidence-based theoretical and practical course is based on extensive clinical experience in assessment, diagnosis and rehabilitation of shoulder pathology, ...
14th WFC Biennial Congress (DC2017)
For the first time, the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC), the Association of Chiropractic Colleges (ACC) and the American Chiropractic ...
Active Release Techniques Spine level 1
ART is a very advanced soft-tissue treatment and educational system for  Physios, Chiropractors, Osteopaths and massage Therapists.ART is widely sought by professional ...
The Joint by Joint Approach: Managing Lower Extremity Injuries in Athletes
Course SynopsisDiscover how to effectively spot common biomechanical issues with athletes and how to manage, and correct, common running technique ...
Emotions are multisensorial experiences that move our posture and condition our movements.  After thirty (33) years of Chiropractic experience with athletes ...
Gonstead - Thoracic Spine Adjusting
This seminar will review the basic concepts of the Gonstead Technique with emphasis on the thoracic spine (including knee chest ...
The Cerebellum.
This area of the nervous system is most crucial for coordinated movement and balance. There are more nerve cells in the cerebellum than in the entire cerebral cortex! In order for us to walk stable the cerebellum constantly needs to integrate information coming from the visual system, the middle ear, and the spine and joints. The neuroanatomical and neurophysiological aspects of this integration will be discussed in a clear and concise way.


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