European Centre for Chiropractic Research Excellence (ECCRE)

When the Danish Chiropractor’s Association (DKF) rejoined the European Chiropractor’s Union (ECU), it was decided to establish a European research institute, the European Centre for Chiropractic Research Excellence (ECCRE), and place it at the Nordic Institute for Chiropractic and Clinical Biomechanics (NIKKB) in Odense, Denmark.

The aim of the new research institute is to contribute to further development and strengthening of musculoskeletal research in Europe. Placing the research institute at NIKKB will undoubtedly contribute towards that goal because of the possible synergies between researchers at NIKKB and ECCRE.

ECCRE was formally founded in connection with the ECU Convention in May 2016 in Oslo, Norway. The stakeholders ECU, DKF and NIKKB have appointed a board for ECCRE, consisting of two representatives from NIKKB and two from ECU. NIKKB appointed Lone Kousgaard Jørgensen and Michael Christensen to represent NIKKB, while  Øystein Ogre, Chairman of ECU and Vasileios Gkolfinopoulos, Treasurer of ECU, represents ECU.

The strategy, policy and bylaws of ECCRE can be found on the ECCRE website as can details of how to apply for a research grant.  
If you want to apply for a grant please go to the ECCRE website download a grant application form and budget application form

To contact ECCRE, please use the postal address or mail address below:

c/o Nordisk Institut for Kiropraktik og Klinisk Biomekanik
Syddansk Universitet
Campusvej 55
5230 Odense M

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