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Academic Programme

Our general title, ‘Practice Makes Perfect’, is targeting again at another core issue in chiropractic: the art of practicing! It may take five years undergraduate training to be a chiropractor, but it is after many years of clinical practice and experience, that you actually become one. Learning never ends, but it is putting knowledge into clinical and practical perspective that makes any difference in what you do. Our title serves as a great opportunity to aim presentations at more practical and clinically relevant topics.


The academic programme in Amsterdam was created as a reflection from some of the discussions and presentations made in recent conventions, but at the same time will aim at incorporating new trends in Chiropractic. One of the topics that were opened during the last convention was technique selection criteria for patients suffering from low back pain and sciatica. This has formed the driving idea behind the opening session: Optimal Care for Patients with Low Back Pain and Sciatica. The topic will be discussed in great depth and all parameters of LBP will be presented, both in plenary sessions, as well as in follow-up workshops. A similar to the low back session on the Cervical Spine, with its relevant workshops, will be organized for the second day. At the same time, we are hoping again to be in a position to present some very interesting original research papers, but the discussion on the relevance of research and clinical practice will also continue, in the form of a well structured plenary lecture series session entitled: Is Field Experience at Odds with the Evidence?

On top of those, we have also tried to include many topics that will be presented for the first time, including:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Mobilization of the Nervous System
  • McKenzie Treatment for Lumbar Disc Herniations
  • Postural Movement Patterns 
  • Functional Neurology 

We have made a point in making this event as interdisciplinary as possible, by inviting researchers and clinicians from other medical territories, like Neurosurgeons, Orthopedists, Physiotherapists, Acupuncturists and Epidemiologists.

Some important figures in Chiropractic and Musculoskeletal Medicine will be there. New for the ECU Conventions speakers have been invited, like: Maurits Van Tulder, Pierre Côté , Bart Koes, Gary Jacob, Yiannick Audo. Together with some well known to us, like Sidney Rubinstein, Tammy DeKoekkoek, David Byfield, Brandon Brock, Mark Charette and many more, will make an excellent speakers panel to cover the extensive needs of our programme.

Finally, we are hoping to end the convention with another interesting round table discussion/debate, chaired by the secretary of WFC, David Chapman-Smith, between the presidents of the ECU and WFC, Oystein Orge and Michael Flynn on Current Debates Relating to the Future of Chiropractic, followed by questions from the audience.

Hope to see you all there.

Vassilis Maltezopoulos DC, MD(PMR), FFEAC
ECU Convention Academic Organiser


Download a printable copy of the Academic Programme

ECU 2012 Convention: Practice Makes Perfect
Accredited for 24 CPD Points by the EAC
Academic Programme
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
17-19 May, 2012


Thursday, 17 May
08.30-08.45 Opening Ceremony
SESSION A1: Optimal Care for Low Back Pain and Sciatica
Chairman: Charles Pfeifle DC
An Overview of Clinical Guidelines for the Management of Low Back Pain and Sciatica
Bart Koes PhD
Is a Behavioral Graded Activity Program an option in treating chronic pain patients? 
Jan Pool PhD, MSc
Chiropractic Technique Selection
Tammy de Koekkoek DC, DABCO, FEAC
When is Surgery (best) Indicated: Wait and See or Early Intervention?
Wilco C. Peul MD, PhD
Managing Radiating Pain Based on Responses to Movement and Positioning
Gary Jacob DC, LAc, MPH, DipMDT
10.30-11.00 Morning Break
SESSION A2: Research Session - Part I
Chairman: Anthony Rosner Ph.D., LL.D.[Hon.], LLC
Presentation of Accepted Research Papers
(Continued in session A3 - Workshop 5)
13.00-14.30 Lunch Break
Introduction to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Dr Patrick Partington PhD, MSc, BSc, PDC, Cl
Three Approaches to Chronic Pain - Medical, Chiropractic, Acupuncture: Is there Ground for Integration? 
Igor Dijkers DC, DACNB
Stefan Brugger MD
Chun Lee Oei-Tan MD, PhD


Master Class of EAC SIG (Education)

Making the most of teaching time in an office setting by improving teaching skills

Moderators: Valerie Nichols, Beatrice Zaugg, Martin Wangler. Fellows of the EAC and Masters of Medical Education


Master Class of EAC SIG (Clinical Chiropractic) 
Where is the Subluxation? A presentation of four approaches, with a critical panel and open forum discussion. (90 min.) 
Moderator: Tammy de Koekkoek DC, DABCO, FEAC


The General Practice Model. Bradley Hennen DC, FEAC
The Approach of Functional Neurology. Bernard Masters BEd.(Hons), DC, PhD, DACNB
The Use of Surface Electromyography. Jeroen Postma DC, DACNB
The Mechanical and Symptomatic response approach. Gary Jacob DC, LAc, MPH, DipMDT

Panel Members: 

David Byfield BSc (Hons), DC, MPhil, FCC, FBCA, FFEAC; Pierre Côté DC, PhD; Lise Lothe PhD (cand), MSc, DC, FEAC


Presentation of Accepted Research Papers - Part II

Chairman: Anthony Rosner PhD, LL.D.[Hon.], LLC

16.00-16.30  Afternoon Break
1-3 Workshops 1-3 Continued from Session A3
Getting a Research Paper Accepted for Presentation: Difficulties in Doing and Presenting Research
Moderator: Tom Michielsen MD, DC, FFEAC
Introduction to Advanced Clinical Chiropractic Practice (90 min.)
(for chiropractic, medical & physiotherapy students)
Presenters: David Byfield BSc (Hons), DC, MPhil, FCC, FBCA, FFEAC;
Joyce Miller BSc, DC, FACO (USA), FCC (UK), Associate Professor; March Charette DC
18.15-19.15 Student Cocktail Reception
19:00 Departure from Hotel for "Dutch Night Dinner Cruise"
Friday, 18 May
SESSION B1: Is Field Experience at Odds with the Evidence?
Chairman: Gary Jacob DC, LAc, MPH, DipMDT
Translating Practice into Evidence: Contradictions between Clinical Experience and Evidence
Sidney Rubinstein DC, PhD

How Research should Affect Clinical Practice: Are we Promoting Disability by Aggressively Treating Acute Pain? 
Pierre Côté DC, PhD
Translating Evidence into Clinical Practice: Barriers to Implementation
Maurits vanTulder PhD
Deconstructing the Pyramid in Evidence-Based Medicine: A Conceptual Revolution
Anthony Rosner Ph.D., LL.D.[Hon.], LLC
 10.30-11.00  Morning Break
Chairman: Vassilis Maltezopoulos DC, MD(PRM), FFEAC
Epidemiology of Degenerative Disease in the Spine
Pierre Côté DC, PhD
Cervical Myelopathy as Encountered in Chiropractic Practice
David Byfield BSc (Hons), DC, MPhil, FCC, FBCA, FFEAC
Interventions at Different Stages
Yannick Audo DC
  Surgical Protocols
Carmen Vleggert-Lankamp, MD
Injection Therapy – Results from a Systematic Review 
Michel Terheggen MD
 13.00-14.30  Lunch Break
 14.30-16.00  SESSION B3: CONCURRENT WORKSHOPS (180 Minutes, Contiued in Session B4)
The Neurodynamic Approach in the Management of Cervical and Upper Extremity Syndromes
Yannick Audo DC


A Practical Introduction to the McKenzie Method for the Lower Back  
Gary Jacob DC, LAc, MPH, DipMDT
Master Class of EAC SIG (Paediatrics)
Evaluation and Treatment of Musculoskeletal and Pain Syndromes of the Neonate, Infant and Child
Joyce Miller BSc, DC, FACO (USA), FCC (UK), Associate Professor; Sue Weber BSc, DC, MSc
4 Activator Methods: A Clinical Introduction to the Basic Scan Protocol
Arlan Fuhr DC
 16.00-16.30  Coffee Break
1-4 Workshops 1-4 Continued from Session B3
18.15-19.15 ECU General Assembly
19.15-20:30 CMCC Coctail Reception
19.30-20.30 EAC/AECC Coctail Recception
 Saturday, 19 May
SESSION C1: CONCURRENT WORKSHOPS (90 minutes, Repeated in Session C2)
Functional Neurology: "What was once a Miracle is just a Clinical Expectation"
Titus G. Chiu, DC, MS, DACNB, FIAMA
Postural and Movement Patterns - How to Recognize and Utilize them
James Earls BA(Hons), KMI
3 Management of Idiopathic Scoliosis 
Dr. Daniel Hersh
Chiropractic Management of Common Hip Conditions
Mark Charette DC
 10.00-11.00  Coffee Break and Poster Visit
1-4 Workshops 1-4 Repeated from Session C1
12.30-14.00 Lunch Break
Chairman: Gitte Tønner Jørgensen DC  
Ageing and Sarcopenia
Osteoporosis – a Problem of all Ages
David Byfield BSc (Hons), DC, MPhil, FCC, FBCA, FFEAC
Spinal Care for the Elderly – Is Activator Method a Preferable Treatment Option?
Arlan Fuhr DC
Chiropractic Management of the Arthritic Hip
Erik Poulsen DC, MSc
Clinical Indications for Hip Replacement and Post-Operative Care
Julius Wolkenfelt MD
16.00-16.30 Afternoon Break
16.30-17.30 SESSION C4 Current Debates relating to the Future of Chiropractic
Chairman: David Chapman-Smith 
Øystein Ogre, ECU President
Michael Flynn, WFC President
Conclusion – End of Proceedings
  Presentation of Original Research Awards
Preview: ECU 2013 Convention
Closing Address


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