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Member Countries - Spain

Asociación Española de Quiropráctica

Central Office and Communication Dept

Calle Marqués de Cubas 25, 3º ext.iz
28014 Madrid

Tel: +34 91 429 38 86
Fax: +34 91 429 38 86
Email: info@quiropractica-aeq.com
Website: www.quiropractica-aeq.com

AEQ Communication Department Marta Garau & Cristina Rubio
Email: info@quiropractica-aeq.com


Carlos Gevers
Email: carlosgevers@hotmail.com

National Vice-President Francine Denis
Email: vida@vidaquiropractica.com
International Vice-President

Jake Smith

Email: mydoctorjake@yahoo.com


Ana Echeveste

Email: info@echevestequiropractica.com  

Treasurer Laurence Goxes
Email: lgoxes@yahoo.com
President Ethics Committee Amaya Alonso
Email: amaya_alonso@hotmail.com
President Education Committee Daryn Wiese
Email: ddubchiro@gmail.com
Regional Delegate: Cataluña Kephra Froehlich
Email: kephra73@yahoo.com
Regional Delegate: Andalucia Beatriz Santamaria
Email: bsantamaria@me.com
Regional Delegate: Levante-Baleares

Jans Olde Wolbers

Email: dr.jans@gmail.com

Regional Delegate: Central area Alexander Konovalov
Email: drkonovalov@saludglobal.net
Regional Delegate: North area Iñaki Larrañaga
Email: inakilarra@yahoo.es

Committee for helping
new chiropractors in Spain
Aaron Burt
Tel: +34 976 40 20 24
Email: atbdc1969@yahoo.es
  Pedro Fernández de Santaella Morales
Tel: +34 915 50 11 76
Email: psantaella@arrakis.es
  Nicholas Franklin
Tel: +34 984 18 34 69
Email: doctor.quiropractica@gmail.com

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