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ECU President

Øystein Ogre 


ECU Offers Free Convention Registration to Chiropractic Students

18 Nov 2011


For the first time at an ECU Convention, the ECU will be offering free registration to chiropractic students. Announcing the pilot scheme, ECU President Oystein Ogre said, “As future leaders of the profession, we want students to come to our Convention and be part of the exciting developments within the ECU.”

In responding, Dayne Ferrar, Vice President and European Director of the World Congress of Chiropractic students (WCCS), said, “I think this is a fantastic initiative and we´re thrilled to be given this opportunity.

“Students are always limited with regards to their interaction with the profession at large events because of the financial restraints and time away from education during term time. By the ECU opening up their convention to the students community it sends a clear message that the ECU is committed to demonstrating leadership and endorsing unity.

“For students to participate in the profession in a greater measure they need to be given the opportunity. I believe this step by the ECU will pay dividends in the future as students are given the privilege to start interacting with the profession from the beginning of their student life. Gaining valuable knowledge and what I would classify as the most important assets, inspiration and leadership”.

Dayne sees a need for developing communication between the undergraduate population and the wider profession. “As a relatively small profession, chiropractic does not enjoy the same number of practitioners that other primary healthcare professions. By all of us pulling together we will be stronger as a profession. Students very much want to be part of the evolution of the profession in Europe. Leadership amongst the profession and the student body is key to this. Integration of educators, clinicians, researchers and students will make us stronger and make a huge difference to the profession gaining cultural authority.

Student outcomes both in education and self-development will be enhanced by the ECU´s positive actions. If the profession can continue to increase its involvement in education and the development of students, we will see better student outcomes and graduates who will be keen to get involved with the profession right from the beginning of their careers.”

Dayne has been extremely busy in his WCCS role. Leadership issues play a big part and Dayne has strongly promoted development within the educational institutions to empower them in their careers.

“I believe that as students we have the capability to increase participation in our profession. I´m committed to this because I think that if we as a profession can start to develop leaders from a student level right the way through to graduate level, we will start to see greater numbers in the profession achieve the transition to become strong, motivated and inspiring leaders. This will in turn produce a culture of leadership, a growth in expert healthcare professionals and, important, fine ambassadors of chiropractic in the wider healthcare community”.




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