National Association Membership

Membership of the ECU is open to one properly-constituted national chiropractors’ association per European country. The ECU Constitution states that national associations shall require all full members to be graduates of CCEI-accredited chiropractic educational institutions. All ECU Members shall have three or more full members who are in residence and practice in that country.

Applications for full ECU Member status are welcomed from all European countries which fulfil the criteria and provide the following information:

  1. A complete list of members, including their contact details, the year of graduation and the institution from which they graduated;
  2. Details of the principal officers of the association and administrative headquarters;
  3. Constitution and Bylaws currently in force;
  4. Code of Ethics.

All information should be lodged with the ECU Head Office for the attention of the Secretary General. Upon receipt of the documentation, it shall be assessed and the application shall be placed before the General Council for voting on its acceptance.

For further information please contact


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